AgNerds Episode IV - App Suggestions for Farmers

The business world has gone mobile. From the smartphone to the rise of the tablet and the advent of the cloud server, people want, and can get their information anywhere and anytime. Agriculture is no different. Long hours in the tractor can now be ( fortunately or unfortunately ) long hours at the office. Every trip to the field can include an agronomist, a retailer, an entomologist and any other resource you can access via smartphone or tablet. Apps are a big part of that. Chemical companies, seed companies and other ag businesses are catching on to that fact and providing farmers with mobile applications to suit every farmers needs.

In this episode of AgNerds, Shaun Haney from and Peter Gredig of AgNition look at some of the apps available to farmers via smartphone and tablet computer.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

3 thoughts on “AgNerds Episode IV – App Suggestions for Farmers

  1. Shaun- Really appreciate the Agnerds Episodes. As I feel technolgically challenged, it’s great to get easy to follow non-nerd info!!

  2. I LOL when Peter said something to the effect he tries each weather app until he finds something encouraging. I’m wondering about what Sean suggested regarding the radio apps. I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in my combine, tractor, etc. By listening to it thru his iPhone or Ipad with their app does that increase the data cost, re the streaming of audio. With these devices being expensive to start with, I”m wondering if that data cost for streaming audio vis a vis a radio gets bumped. Excellent segment.

    1. It depends on where you are Philip. If you have access to a wifi connection the cost is nothing. I buy the largest amount of data possible because I am a heavy user. I also stream MLB games through my Ipad at times. If you listened to the sirius app on your 3g plan everyday I think you might have some cost issues.

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