Dealing with Glyphosate Resistant Weeds – Dr. Mark Lawton, Monsanto

With the discovery of glyphosate resistant ragweed last year in Ontario, many researchers and farmers are growing concerned about the potential impact of glyphosate resistance.  The is not just a problem for Canada but around the world where glyphosate tolerant traits are planted.  By no means is this a wide spread issue as it seems to be contained to certain geographical areas but it should not be forgotten.

This week the University of Guelph announced that they had confirmed glyphosate resistant Canada Fleabane in Essex County.  In certain parts of Western Canada there is a growing concern regarding glyphosate tolerant kochia which can be a very terrible weed. One of the strategies being recommended by agronomists is improving agronomic practices and managing for this kind of situation.

I talked to Dr. Mark Lawton, Technology Development Lead, Eastern Canada, Monsanto Canada about glyphosate tolerant weeds.  I talked to Mark about the following:

  • why is this problem showing up in only certain areas,
  • what can be done to minimize the problem,
  • if there are any other weeds of concern to Monsanto
  • when will we have new generation tolerant crops to minimize the reliance on glyphosate

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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How refreshing! Indication that there truly ARE intelligent, rational folks at Monsanto.

If more were so upfront about acknowledging and addressing the many public concerns about Monsanto’s products and practices, perhaps the PR efforts would be more successful. Communication begins with honesty. Perhaps this realization has finally come … without a moment to spare.

Good job, Sir!.


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