How Would You Vote on the CWB Single Desk If Asked?

By Shaun Haney

With the Conservatives getting a majority last week it would appear that the CWB single desk is cooked.  One of he more controversial parts of the speculation was created by Gerry Ritz who said that there would not be a farmer vote on the issue. Groups like the NFU have been snorting and stomping that this is a democratic injustice and others support the no vote strategy. It does seem strange that the pro-single desk crowd is not arguing the benefits of the single desk but is instead focusing on the need for a vote. With planting in full gear across Western Canada, the issue has already seemed to fade into the back pages. Will a vote happen, should it happen? On this matter I can see both sides but I would suggest that voter reform needs to happen before any vote could be held. What would be the qualifications to have an opinion on the future of the single desk in a vote.


It will be interesting to see if Ritz backs off of his push for the no-vote but I thought we could always have our own vote. Please vote in our poll below and vote on whether or not you think the single desk should stay or go. You can only vote once but please tell your farming friends to share their thoughts so that we can get a good handle on what people are thinking. PLEASE DON’T VOTE IF YOU DON’T FARM IN WESTERN CANADA.

If you cannot see the vote below, click here

3 thoughts on “How Would You Vote on the CWB Single Desk If Asked?

  1. Yes get rid of the CWB but if the US wants it gone so bad also use it as a trade negotiating tool. Maybe they will drop some subsidies or the europeans open up a market. They have all complained about it for so long. Can we get rid of it and gain some additional compeativness to boot.

  2. If the CWB does such a good job at marketing, then they should’nt be afraid of giving farmer a choice. Allow a dual system. They should get the majority of the grain seeing as according to them, the majority are in love with CWB anyway.

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