Talking to Farmers – Ontario Planting Update for May 13, 2011

Its the race against the calendar.  Ontario farmers are pushing to try and complete planting before they have to re-consider their heat unit selection.  From twitter I have been picking up that many of the farmers are planting close to around the clock which is very taxing on the mind and body but the reality is spring is where the works gets done and these long hours are required to achieve the yields that are desired.  One of the mental pressures has been that most Ontario farmers were finished at this time last year and compounding that is the yields that farmers got because of that early planting.

I talked to Wayne Black, Brent Royce, Mark Brock and Phillip Shaw to get an idea on how planting is progressing on their farm and county.  All of these gentlemen have been pushing their planters to the extreme to try and complete planting.  With the threat of rain constantly in the forecast, mother nature is really playing with the nerves of farmers.  One of the big challenges has been for farmers to get fertilizer with the big push on.  Some fertilizer retails were only shutting down for two hours to try and keep the farmers supplied.

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