A lot of work is going into technologies that will increase plant survivability and yield. Challenging growing conditions coupled with an increased global demand for food mean we have to give crop production every advantage possible. There are a number of factors we can manipulate when it comes to optimal growing conditions for our crops. Things like genetic enhancement, seed treatments and the addition of ground source nutrients are a few of the ways we help our crops along.

Co2 fertilization is another one of those tools proven to be extremely beneficial in plant growth and development. Commonly used by greenhouses, Co2 fertilization was a process previously thought of as impractical in open land cultivation. That’s where AGROSOLution comes in. New to Canada, AGROSOLution is a water soluble compound composed of finely ground minerals that is sprayed onto a plants leaf surface where it enters the leaf and discharges Co2. The resulting effects are increased plant growth, better yields, a reduction in water usage and a more resilient plant, all wrapped up in an EU certified organically approved package. I talked to Greenfield Fertilizer Corp President Nick Siegenthaler about AGROSOLution at the Western Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Farmers Find an AGROSOLution for CO2 Fertilization

  1. Hi Mir Shaun,
    I just am wondering if the co2 gas can be directly used as fertilizer or what about your opinion, since a company which cans recovery lots of co2 during their production activity.

  2. Hi Lance
    CO2 in gasoeus form can only iin limited ways be used as fertilizer. In greenhouse operations it is CO2 gas which is pumped into the greenhouses and the effects are impressive. However, the challenge always was, how to bring the “CO2 effect” to open land cultivation. With our product, AGROSOLution, we have the only proven “CO2 fertilization” for open field farming.
    Visit our website to learn more or contact me for further information.
    Nick Siegenthaler

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