CWB Chair, Allen Oberg Addresses the Media at the Farm Progress Show


With all of the controversy surrounding the recent decision of the federal government to possible end the single desk in Western Canada the CWB is trying to present a case for a plebiscite. At the Farm Progress Show in Regina, I participated in the media scrum with Allen Oberg, CWB Chairperson to try and get an idea of what the CWB’s plan is outside of just lobbying for a plebiscite.

As you saw in our “Talking to Farmers” segment on the CWB vote issue, farmers are quite divided on the need for a plebiscite but the reality is that it truly has a low chance of even happening.

In the below video you will quickly find that the CWB is realistically putting a lot of eggs in the basket of trying to save the single desk instead of the real task of planning for its eventual collapse. Watch the media scrum with Allen Oberg and you be the judge on the CWB’s strategy.

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Shaun Haney

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Kent Erickson

Great interview…I would like to offer some satisfaction to the Board chair that there is some support in Western Canada for a dual market in wheat and barley and i hope that the federal govt and the CWB board can work together to come up with some real solutions to move to the next stage of marketing in Canada.


Kudos to that- there is support in western Canada for a voluntary pool marketing option. Please be creative, government and Board!


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