Is the Canadian Livestock Industry Still Competitive? – Clint Dobson, ALMA

Is the Canadian livestock industry still competitive? We hear this discussion at every conference and coffee shop we participate in. Chances are that we are too hard on ourselves as the industry has survived (relative term) with the drastically higher dollar and increased global competitiveness from South America and the United States.

The more negative view of this question is the people that share their thoughts on the slow death of primary producers in try to remain afloat with shrinking equity and margins. Some economists believe that it is actually land values that are keeping livestock producers our of financial ruin and if that accent ever stops the clock is ticking for much of the Canadian Livestock Industry.  Others take a much more positive outlook and provide perspective that coming out of the BSE disaster has made this industry leaner and more efficient than it ever has been.

At ALMA’s Future Fare this month,  Clint Dobson spoke to the audience about Canada’s ability to compete in the global livestock trade.

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Shaun Haney

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