At the Farm Progress Show in Regina this week we asked farmers several questions.  On day one we asked farmers whether or not there should be a vote on the future of the CWB.  As we have discussed before, one of the controversial issues surrounding Gerry Ritz announcing the end of the single desk has been that there will be no vote on the future of the CWB.  Farmers seem very divided on this topic but it doesn’t seem that anything is going to change.

In Regina at the show we asked farmers what they think the future of the CWB should be.  As you find in the video clip below, the farmers that are against a vote believe that the results of the federal election speak for themselves.  Across from our booth the CWB was collecting signatures for a petition asking the exact same question.

I will assure you that I have not lead the answers given by the farmers or left out any answers.  The answers you see in the video are exactly what the farmers told me.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, click here.

5 thoughts on “Talking to Farmers – Should There Be a Vote on the Future of the CWB?

  1. Good segment on farmers thoughts on the future of the CWB. I assume that the people who want a vote are in favour of retaining the single desk? I personally don’t think there should be a vote. There was no farmer plebicite in 1943 to give us the board, there should not need to be one to get rid of it. The Conservative majority in the election was the plebicite was it not?

  2. Proof that asking questions you dont know the answer to can be dangerous for a politician.Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff recently told Canadians that the ballot question in the next election will be After five years of Harper are you better off?.While we await results from the rest of the country and a possible election farmers have already spoken. An annual survey of farmers for Farm Credit Canada a government agency asked farmers whether they are better off now than they were five years ago and whether they will be better off in five years..The answer is yes on both counts and the numbers are increasing..67 of respondents believe that they are better off now than they were five years ago. This is a significant shift from last year 2009 60 ..55 of producers are planning to expand and or diversify their farm or business in the next five years..76 of respondents said that their farm will be better off in five years time..The online panel survey of nearly 4 900 farmers was conducted last fall..

  3. Nice segment Shaun, i think the industry needs some direction to move forward to invest our funds to more important issues in today’s agricultural sector. I think the resources spent within the CWBand outside the board at other tables need to be funneled to more important issues such as innovation, technology and trade negotiations that could improve Canadian farm receipts. The time for change is now.

  4. The single desk should be removed. The one big problem for agriculture right now is the extreme debt load that farmers are carrying. The banks and FCC owned a lot of land not that many years ago.

  5. There definitely should be a vote,whether you are for or against something this important should be deciced by the farmers who will be affected.Just because the Conservatives won the election shouldn”t be considered the vote,no riding had a majority of farmers on the voting list thus a lot of non-farmers would be making the choice for the farmers.Also Minister Ritz during the campaign said there would be a vote and then immediately after said there would not be one I wish some politician (from any party) some time would live up to what they said during an election (just once or for the first year at least).It has a tendancy to leave a person skeptical about our system for the last 15 or 20 years.

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