At the Western Canadian Farm Progress Show there was a lot to talk to farmers about but there was nothing on the minds of farmer more on Thursday than the Vancouver Canucks loss in game seven to the Boston Bruins. On day two of the show we walked the grounds and asked farmers what the Vancouver Canucks Should do with Roberto Luongo before next season based on his play in the Stanley Cup Finals.  As you will see there were lots of strong opinions and feelings towards the man that is being blamed for the unravelling of the Canucks chances to win the Stanley Cup.

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One thought on “Talking to Farmers – What Should the Canucks Do WIth Roberto Luongo?

  1. There is nothing wrong with Roberto Luongo. The problem with the Canucks is the Sedin Sisters, who were -11 and -9 in the playoffs. They’re the ones who should be traded, for some good tough Canadian players!

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