U.S. Weather Forecast - Drew Lerner, World Weather Inc.

Canadian Farmers aren’t the only ones dealing with a challenging crop season this year. The U.S. midwest is dealing with a devastating tornado season as well as extremely wet conditions and flooding. Contrast that with the hot, dry drought conditions in places like Texas that have spawned wildfires and eliminated any hopes of planting a crop. While the northern states may get more timely, regular rain, conditions are much cooler than normal taking away some of those key growing degree days needed for crops.

Challenging, yes, hopeless no. Some of these areas will see relief as the growing season progresses, and some areas will have more of a wait and see approach. Weather is one of those things we have no control over and it does tend to surprise us in good ways as well as bad.

Recently I spoke to meteorologist Drew Lerner of World Weather Incorporated about the situations across the U.S., and what farmers can expect to see as we head into the summer.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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