The Cereal Leaf beetle seems to be rearing its ugly head in winter and spring wheat fields near Bolton, Stayner and Seaforth, Ontario. Tracey Baute, OMAFRA Entomologist and author of reports threshold levels of the pest in those fields, with significant feeding seen on the flagleaf. Baute recommends spraying infested winter wheat with insecticides only in the earlier heading stages making sure you adhere to the “days to harvest” intervals applying to registered insecticides. Baute advises that farmers also keep in mind temperatures and tank mixes when spraying for bugs. She notes that some insecticides are less effective in higher temperatures. Baute also adds that some farmers may want to mix their insecticides with fungicides in the interest of saving time. She says that can get a little risky as some of these tankmixes have the potential to impact wheat pollination.


I spoke to Tracey Baute over the phone about the bug, the damage it can do and how to find and deal with it.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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