Getting out into your wheat field on a regular basis is a necessity if you really want to give your crop the best chance possible. A regular visual inspection is a great start, but having a knowledge of what’s going on beneath the surface can help you to prevent big losses or get you to the next level in production. That’s where the importance of tissue and soil testing come in.

Nitrogen testing in particular is important in determining what steps you need to take in care of your wheat crop. A well timed application can help save a deficient crop or give your field the boost it needs for increasing yield potential. Timing is key as there is a window that has to be hit in order for the application to be useful for the plants.

In this episode of the Wheat School, Matt Gosling of Premium Ag Solutions offers some advice on when why producers should top dress their wheat with nitrogen.

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2 thoughts on “Wheat School – When & Why You Should Top Dress Your Nitrogen – Matt Gosling

  1. Good insights from the southern Alberta agronomist…has come a long way from the university days!lol…When timing liquid UAN on cereals, what is the best stage ie leaf stage and what is the going rate gallon per acre or lbs per acre?

  2. Thanks for that informative article about top dressing wheat, Matt.

    Of all people, you and students of the Wheat School will be able to appreciate the work that goes into making a plentiful wheat harvest. It’s hard work and demands a lot of skill – that’s why we made a doc-reality show about some of the people that help that happen in our own backyard – crop dusters in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

    We’d love it if you joined us in watching the season finale of Dust Up airing this Thursday, June 16, at 9 pm ET/PT, 7 pm Sask time. The last two episodes play back to back as the crop dusters and farmers struggle to save our harvests from a bitter frost.

    Ep 5 Teaser – The Winds of Change
    Ep 6 – The Killing Frost


    Dust Up on History Television June 2011


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