Are Smartphones a Distraction for Farm Workers?

While giving a presentation this week at the Canadian Seed Growers meeting in Hamilton I talked about the critical role that mobile plays in the deployment of social media on the farm. A very bright young seed grower friend of mine asked some very interesting questions during the panel discussion.

Eric’s thoughts were, “Every time I look over to the younger employees on the farm they are thumbing away at their blackberry, typing who knows what. Is this what you call productive when we are supposed to be moving grain or fixing a piece of equipment?”

It is an interesting question that really is answered by a simple answer. Smartphones can provide the ultimate in productivity and efficiency to the work day but if you are not disciplined the results can be counter effective. This is very true at not only the farm level but also the executive and board room level.  READ THE REST AT THE THEMOBILEFARMER.COM


Shaun Haney

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