Bayer CropScience Teams with Ducks Unlimited to Increase Winter Wheat Acres & Help Conservation Efforts

A number of industry partners came together in Lacombe, Alberta in an effort to promote winter wheat production as a good choice for producers from both an economic and an environmental perspective. Bayer CropScience, Agrium and the Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission have partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada in an effort to help in conservation efforts geared toward preserving declining duck populations in the prairies. Winter wheat provides the ideal, stable nesting habitat for Northern Pintail and other species of ducks found on the prairies. Studies have shown that those populations have seen a steady decline as a result of a loss and disturbance of their nesting grounds. The goal of the partnership is to create a win win situation where farmers get the economic and agronomic benefits of winter wheat and species like the Northern Pintail gain safe habitat in the process.

I spoke to Ducks Unlimited Canada Conservation Specialist Autumn Holmes- Saltzman about the incentive program, the industry partnerships, and the benefits of both.

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