Meridian Showcases the Advantages of the Smooth Walled Bin

Proper storage options for your crops are critically important both before you plant and after you harvest. In most cases, maintaining quality while in storage after harvest means maintaining your crops value. Keeping your seed free from moisture and bugs prior to planting can help preserve and maintain things like germ and vigor. In the seed business in particular, there is a need to be able to manage many different small lots of seed with regard to moisture and purity. The ability to quickly, easily and thoroughly clean a bin makes bug infestations less likely and quality easier to maintain. The grain industry is much more focused on IP programs which requires product integrity that is only provided like a smooth wall bin.

The other huge benefit of the smooth wall bin is the ability to store fertilizer on the farm.  With strong volatility in the fertilizer market, having on farm storage allows for you to take advantage of pricing opportunities.  Of course the one hesitation into buying a smooth walled bin is the cost to purchase.  You need to do what is economically feasible for your farm based on your needs.

Meridian makes a line of smooth walled, powder coated bins with that in mind. Sid Lockhart is Marketing Manager with Meridian Manufacturing Group. I spoke to Sid about the advantages of their smooth wall bin lineup and some the products that they’re ideally suited to handle.

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