What is the Point of the CWB Plebicite? - John De Pape, CWB Monitor

Even with Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz saying that the CWB plebiscite will have no impact on the Federal governments decision and will to end the single desk in Western Canada, the Canadian Wheat Board is pushing ahead with a plebiscite. I spoke with John De Pape, The CWB Monitor about this whole situation.

John and I discussed the outcome of the plebiscite no matter the result, the reasons for the vote and the possible future of some of the board members based on the loss of the single desk.

If you cannot see the below video, click here

4 thoughts on “What is the Point of the CWB Plebicite? – John De Pape, CWB Monitor

  1. Shawn – no doubt you’ve heard from others already, but your side of the audio on this interview isn’t working. Disappointing, since I was looking forward to this interview. Thanks anyways though, and keep up the good work!

  2. The CWB ACT does not belong to the directors of the board, the management, the farmers or the employees of the board it belongs to the people of Canada through the Government who shall approve or rescind the Act as they see fit. I do approve of them rescinding the Act as soon as possible and would suggest the board of directors get their act together and plan an open market CWB if they wish to supply a service to farmers who wish to use them to market their grain.

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