Wheat is an important crop globally. From a food production standpoint, with regards to rotation on the farm and from an economic standpoint, wheat is “key” crop worldwide. The biotech industry has taken notice of this, and a great deal of new interest has been invested into wheat. Companies like Syngenta have expanded their efforts into wheat development recognizing wheat as a crop of global strategic importance.

In this episode of the Wheat School, I talk to Norm Dreger, Syngenta’s North America Cereals Head about a number of questions.

  1. Why the new interest from biotech companies like yourself?
  2. What are some of the benefits we’ll see from that new interest?
  3. Will the results of this new research be of greater benefit to consumers?
  4. How do you define the term “new technologies” in the seed industry?
  5. How is wheat lagging and what is the potential for wheat?

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