Do you have any idea what this funky white and black cube is above? You will probably see it in a lot of advertising this fall. What do you do with it? How do you scan it? Why would you scan it?

It is an arguably under-utilized tool that has a lot of untapped potential. What is interesting is that QR codes are old technology but due to the capabilities of smart phones, they have become a new tool in the tool box for communicators. As mobile device technology becomes more advanced, that potential has a much greater chance of being unlocked and used in new and greater ways. So what is a QR Code and what can it do? In this episode of AgNerds, Shaun and Pete discuss QR codes, what they are, what they do and what potential they have in the digital age and how it potentially applies to your farm.


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4 thoughts on “AgNerds – What is a QR Code? – Episode 7

  1. I’ve seen these QR codes quite a few places, including field signs. I don’t have a smart phone, so it doesn’t affect me, but I can see Peter’s point about it being a transition to something else. Just because its there, doesn’t mean that it’ll be utilized. We might have to wait for the next stage in this technology. Having something that is seamless, and fast might be more tangible for people. These QR codes, with the problems with Apps and scanning, don’t seem to be it…

  2. To QR Code or not to QR code? It seems organizations fear of the unknown and hesitancy to approach social media marketing in the same way as other marketing initiatives is holding many back. Social media is here to stay because it’s a grassroots movement. The sooner we learn and embrace, the sooner we benefit.
    Kate Harrison Whiteside
    Key Advice

  3. I agree social media is here to stay, but I don’t think QR codes are. However, I don’t think that’s a reason not to embrace them, it’s just further proof that our digital marketing strategies can’t be static. They need to always be changing, because the medium is always evolving.

  4. We use them at our FS PARTNERS Pursuit of Maximum Yield sites (sites that demonstrate normal corn and soy plots in side by side trials to a plot with treatments for ‘maximum yield’). Scan the code with your smart phone at the site, and it links straight to data on that field. As the harvest comes in, that data will be updated so that local farmers can follow it through. For the farmers with a smart phone and wanting the information in real time, it is readily available!

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