Canola School – Canola Market Analysis – Jon Driedger, Farmlink Marketing Solutions

Demand for canola from crushers has remained strong throughout the summer months, stocks are tight and exports are good. That being said, harvest is just around the corner and a number of questions will be answered regarding actual acres and yield potential.  Everyone is aware of the disastourous year that Western Manitoba and Easter Saskatchewan have had in some areas.   There is also the ongoing outside market mess that has yet to be played out. When markets are as jumpy as they have been in the past few months you have to wonder what kind of effect that worldwide market volatility will have on canola? So what kind of movement can we expect to see in canola markets? I spoke to Jon Driedger of FarmLink Marketing Solutions about what exactly is going on in the markets and what we can expect to see.


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Shaun Haney

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