Much has been said about the potential benefits of straight cutting canola. In particular with regards to yield and overall quality, straight cutting has been shown to provide some benefit. There are however some qualifiers attached to those benefits that have to work to avoid a wreck. It would be a disaster to lose your canola crop to shelling at harvest because you wanted to save a little fuel for your swather.

In this episode of the Canola School we talk to Troy Prosofsky of the Canola Council of Canada about straight cutting canola. I asked Troy a number of questions including: What makes a crop a good candidate for straight cutting? Are there products out there that can help aid shatter resistance? What are the benefits of straight cutting and are some areas more suited to it than others?


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5 thoughts on “Canola School : Should I Consider Straight Cutting?

  1. Straight Cutting Canola- Have been doing it for at least 5 years. Started off with small acres now do 1000ac per season. Works awesomely. Variety is important. Last season winds shattered swaths. Standing ready to harvest canola was unharmed. My question is “Why wouldnt a producer straight cut their canola?” No green , no piles. even maturity, better yields, higher oil content all lead to greater profits!!!!!!

  2. What varieties have worked best? I hear Invigor 5440 is one of the best for shattering resistance.

    We cut about 260ac last year, and 160 2 years before that. Worked well. That was Dk 71-45 last year and some pioneer variety the time before.

  3. In S.Alberta a three day chinook wind can turn 60 bushels into twenty bushels in even a thick standing ripe crop. Our experience with the pod sealants is that they can help to delay swathing by a week but are not enough to withstand a hard wind at the right time. The benefits of straight cutting are numerous. But in areas prone to dry, hard and sustianed winds you are either a hero or a bum–depends if you comined before the wind or after.

  4. If a farmer wanted to dessicate for straight cutting, what percentage of seed color change should we be looking for. Example: Invigor canola wanting to spray glyphosate as a dessicant.

  5. I’ve straight cut canola in small acres every year last year arial pod seal and pesticide for worms in same tank mix worked really well had lots of good wind only shelling I seen is where deer walked thru field and divider shelling it out yelled the swathed canola by 9bushels .going to try more might not always be safest way but yield advantage can warrant a little risk .every year will be different but most years I’ve done it there’s good yield advantages

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