Talking to Farmers - What Will Be Your Next SmartPhone Purchase?

Yesterday I was at a ag-retailer crop tour in Vulcan, Alberta with Dupont. While Dupont was discussing some of their new products like fungicides and seed treatments, I decided to talk to some of the ag-retail attendees and find out some more about them.

In this weeks episode of Talking to Farmers (but in this case Ag-Retails) we asked them what will be their next smartphone purchase. Will it be the Blackberry, iPhone or iPad?  We also asked them why they like the device they have currently?

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4 thoughts on “Talking to Farmers – What Will Be Your Next SmartPhone Purchase?

  1. Interesting discussion about smartphones! It seems like there is a clear divide between Iphones & Blackberries… maybe leaning towards the Blackberry a bit for business applications! No one mentioned an Android. Thanks for sharing! I think I’ll go post this over to “I Love Agriculture” on Facebook, too.

  2. P.S. I got the iphone 4 a year ago when my fiance and I both upgraded. I had an LG Neon and he had the iphone 3G. I’m still amazed at what this little device can do. My fiance uses a Blackberry for work, but still insists on keeping his iphone for all the ‘fun’ stuff.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Nicole. I think your thoughts on BB are very real. The devices lack some of the design characteristics of the Droid and iphone. I have been hearing that the new Bold 9900 is very cool. I think my next phone may be a droid to just give it a shot.

  3. Nice viewpoints on the phones! I’ve had a Blackberry for about 4 months now and can’t imagine anything else. Very helpful to have everything in the palm of my hand all the time. Any chance of doing an article on apps available to people in ag? I’m having a hard time finding any good ones.

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