The price of the Blackberry Playbook continues to drop with Rogers employees being able to acquire them for as little as $250 Canadian. Whether or not that discount will be seen by consumers is anyones guess, but with horrific sales of only 200,000 units last quarter, any move to get more playbooks into the hands of consumers would be welcome. To give you some idea of the relevance of that number, Apple shipped 9.25 million IPads during it’s last reported quarter. Blackberry sales are down as well, falling well below expectations.  Having said that the Blackberry Curve is very popular with teenage girls due to its easy texting ability.

So what does the future look like for Research in Motion and what’s behind those disappointing numbers. In this episode of AgNerds, Shaun and Pete talk about some of the successes and failures of what was once and may still be a great Canadian success story.


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2 thoughts on “AgNerds- Is RIM DEAD?

  1. Good segment. I thought as a long time Mac User, as soon as Apple introduced the iPhone, it would be big trouble for RIM Blackberry. I remember questioning a RIM VP about that, and he looked at me incredulous. I think iPhone5 will be a game changer in this business,along with iOS5. Syncing with iCloud will put RIM further behind IMO. Interesting comments about RIM in Asia. When I’ve been there, anybody can tweak Androids, and they do in spades. As we’ve seen, they even copy Apple stores. The iPad, iPhone sales don’t lie. Apple is applying the same seamless experience of the Mac OS into those devices. Now that they are adding iOS 5 and iCloud to the equation, it’s another level. I see Android and iPhone in the future. Android for those who like to tweak the software, iPhones for folks who like the Apple experience. RIM, will be there, but I dunno how they’ll do it, maybe thru Android. A long and winding road.

  2. Well done. I find it interesting that people make such a deal over apps. Does anyone need 425,000 apps? No. I’ve read that the average iPhone user has 4 apps downloaded.

    I think that RIM has dug itself a hole that may be impossible for them to fill. There is just so much good buzz regarding Apple and it’s products and so much hate regarding RIM and their products. When I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was enjoying my new Playbook, I immediately had a friend post that it was a POS. Has he ever had a Playbook? No. But that didn’t stop him from telling me it was garbage and Apple was better.

    Despite having a handset that has probably the poorest reception on the market, Apple will continue to outsell RIM. It would take a colossal failure in function by iPhone5 and a stream of market hits by RIM for RIM to regain #1 position again. I just don’t see that happening.

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