This time of year can be exhausting. Long hours in the cab are a regular part of harvest time everywhere and farmers find themselves looking for anything to keep their minds engaged through the monotony of the tractor cab. Radio is a great option, but you find yourself at some point sick of the repetitive content or frustrated because you missed something said either because of a phone call or interference of some kind. It would be a great option, but so far you can’t rewind the radio.

That’s where we discover the convenience of the podcast. You control what you listen to and when you listen to it, pausing, rewinding, skipping through the boring stuff. All this, neatly stored with you on your phone or your personal audio player. In this episode of Agnerds, Shaun and Pete talk podcasts – what they are, where to get them and which ones they really like.


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3 thoughts on “Agnerds: The Advantages of Podcasts While Your in the Tractor

  1. Good piece on podcasts.

    Here at the Alberta Canola Producers, we have a 90 second radio spot that runs every Tuesday in Alberta. When Dean Thorpe of CFCW does the interview for us, he has to edit down to get to the 90 second mark.

    We then publish the full interview (5-7 minutes) as a podcast called Growing with Canola.

    You can find it on our site,and on iTunes and even in the Blackberry podcasts. For more information go to

    My favourite non ag ones are Stuff You Should Know and Skrptoid

  2. Great episode guys, it sure would be nice to have your content in a podcast format so we would never miss an episode.

    Podcasts are great to listen to from other parts of the world. Sometimes I know more what is going on in Australia or North Dakota than I do here at home in Manitoba.

    And Adam Carolla is definitely worth listening to.

    We have a farm podcast directory at , check us out.

  3. Great post, wish there were more UK ones available. That said, I’d also suggest trying out Internet Audio Drama. There are loads of great quality Audio Dramas (aka Radio Shows) available for free or for small fees.

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