I have been reading two groups are doomed in the face of the single desk being extinguished. The first is producer cars and the second is the inland terminals.

With the elimination of the single desk, the Inland Terminal Association of Canada finds itself faced with a number of challenges to overcome and a number of opportunities if it does. Those challenges depend heavily on what the regulatory system will look like after August 1, 2012. Will the government help to create an environment that makes the transition to a new marketing system fair for companies built around the single desk? Will there be good access at a reasonable price provided to port terminals? Will there be options available to finance large grain purchases? Will the government continue the rail service review process to ensure that it’s meeting needs?

Instead of just reading the speculation of those with an agenda I wanted to actually hear from the horses mouth about what they think of their own future without the single desk. Kevin Hursh is the Executive Director of the Inland Terminal Association of Canada. I spoke to him about these issues as well as the potential for partnering with the CWB or other entities in order to survive and thrive in the new system.

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One thought on “Can Inland Terminals Survive Without the Single Desk?

  1. It seems to me that the Cwb could survive if they had a board that embraced change instead of having tunnel vision. All they have to be is a voluntary organization, let those who want to market their own grain do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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