This episode of “Why Should I Buy” may have you looking ahead to next spring as we talk to representatives from Syngenta, Dekalb, Pioneer and Pride Seeds regarding corn seed. Todays episode takes place from the grounds of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock Ontario where we talk to Bob Thirlwall of DEKALB, Steve Denys of Pride Seeds, Robert Larmer of Pioneer and David Townsend of Syngenta.

We couldn’t think of a better place to pitch corn than Ontario where corn acres are vast and the competition is fierce. As usual each participant gets two minutes to tell us exactly why they believe you should buy their corn seed.

Listen closely, the clock starts now!


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

6 thoughts on “Why Should I Buy? — Corn Seed

  1. Awesome piece Shawn. Great working with you to put the video together. Genetics for yield, technology for protection and people for service, seemed to be the overall theme. Great work.

  2. hello
    I am a corn producer in middlesex county and I am unsure why hyland seed was not involved in this video. we have grown it for several years along with several others in our neighbourhood and some of thier varieties are much better then anything dekalb and pioneer have to offer. it would just be nice to see some of these smaller companies get recognition for thier accomplishments too.


    1. Jeff,
      Thanks for the comments regarding the smaller companies. In our “why should I buy” segments we always limit it to 4 participants. We didn’t ask Hyland in this case but if we do a corn or soybean one in the future we will try and include them. Hope you enjoyed the segment regardless.

  3. Great piece! I’m from Québec am subscribed to RealAgriculture for outside the province information. This forum was great to listen to. All four spokeman were great, and the format revealing. I do agree that the grower’s needs are not to be neglected. The reasons brought forth were somewhat variable with each spokeman. I think Pride Seeds seem to be more familiar with those needs because of the way it was coming out…. in 10 seconds…
    Again, congrats… keep the good work.

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