Does Another Manitoba NDP Government Impact Manitoba Agriculture?

It’s the fourth consecutive NDP government for Manitoba with voters electing Greg Selinger for the provinces top job last Tuesday. So what does that mean for agriculture in the province? Does the election signal the go ahead for the government to stay the course when it comes to ag policy? If that’s how the NDP sees it, Manitoba producers may be looking at a much more regulated industry going forward. Bad news for an already beat up and down sized hog industry on the brink. Regulations are necessary, but regulations that infringe on common sense and prevent the industry to operate in a highly competitive market are a very large concern for all stakeholders.  Was the rural vote accurately represented in this election or was agriculture even a consideration?

I discussed the potential impact of another NDP government and just how the vote broke down with Harry Siemens of  Harry covers all of the agriculture issues in Manitoba on his website.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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