RealWeatherWatch: High Probability of a Wet November For Ontario

The effects of periodic rain during summer harvest can range from inconvenient to extremely disruptive depending on the amount. That effect grows exponentially when rain comes at this time of year. It just takes that much longer for fields to dry out in this cold. It’s a fact that is weighing on the minds of farmers across rain soaked areas of Ontario. Some producers are nervously trying to decide whether to suspend the remainder of soybean harvest to get a start on corn once the weather breaks. The big question now is, when will the weather break, and will it be enough to get the crop off before the winter settles in?

We put that question among others to Dory Rossiter, Weather Anchor for Bell Media / CTV.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

Shaun grew up on a family seed farm in Southern Alberta. Haney Farms produces, conditions and retails wheat, barley, canola and corn seed. Shaun Haney is the founder of @shaunhaney


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