With the final steps toward the ending of the single desk coming ever closer, the ante continues to be upped as the current CWB board fights to gain a hearing. The extremely polarizing debate continues to cause deep divisions amongst producers, even more so in what appear to be the final days of the CWB monopoly. The rhetoric is at new and unprecedented levels as lawsuits are launched on both sides and campaigns are in full swing. Some groups are even claiming that this change is the end of local food and young farmers……huh?

The dairy industry along with other supply managed industries were dragged into the fray as well with CWB Chairman Allen Oberg stating that if the CWB can be eliminated without a vote, so can supply managed industries like dairies and chicken farms.

In this episode of the Agmedia Roundtable we are joined by Lyndsey Smith, editor of Grainews and Andrew Campbell owner of Fresh Air Media to discuss what we termed the “CWB Boondoggle” and the legitimacy of the proposed threat to supply managed industries.


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4 thoughts on “AgMedia Roundtable: The CWB Boondoggle Drags in Supply Management

  1. I think that the Harper government needs to get rid of the supply management industry next. Just another way that we subsidize Quebec.

  2. Cam you are missing the point. The CWB issue is completely different than the dairy quota.

    I was really offended when andrew said in the video he didn’t care about the CWB issue just because he was in Ontario. Guess what Andrew…..next time Ontario farmers need something from the west it will be falling on my deaf ears.

  3. Kevin,

    I’m sorry to offend, but I’m not sure what as farmers with zero stake in the CWB we can do.

    With zero stake we should have zero opinion. The same goes for the US or other countries that try to influence ag policy, or even urban politicians that try to tell agriculture how it should be run.

    This decision is not ours to be involved in.

  4. Andrew I do believe you don’t have a say in the CWB, so you are correct in not caring. But on supply management you say it is different because all farmers are happy with it. Maybe all farmers in the supply managerment system but not all those out side, how does someone who wants to be in the feather or dairy industry start if there is no quota for sale. Yes wait til it comes for sale, yet if it comes for sale lets say months after the land that the person was able to purchase has passed and didn’t bid on it because of price not knowing when he will get quota. In a free market if land and machine costs, and birds or dairy cows are reasonable, he can buy and away he goes. I have been in that place in a different way and it cost me 5-6 years of my life till things fell into place but still not as good as the chance I had had barriers not been in place. I have had a neighbor with one cow just for his family and forced by government to get rid of it or be fined. So much for local home grown food. Supply managment is also a huge price cost to consumers, paying a price for quota on every litre of milk in the interest costs alone, (my one banker told me the dairy farmers he works with run 90% debt level). That cost is added into the price of the milk wiether a consumer likes it or not and is quota not now 3 times the price of the cow it is meant to serve. What is quota but a piece of paper with a law behind it, thats all it is, a piece of paper.

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