Canadian Agriculture Steps up for Movember and Prostate Cancer

This week I attended a meeting in Toronto for the Canadian Seed Trade Association and there was some stunning visuals.  If you are in the seed business you are traditionally concerned mainly about purities, hybridity, low level presence, international regulatory harmonization and research.  Looking around the room it was quite noticeable that there is a large concern about prostate cancer.  There were several men sporting some very crafty mustaches in support of the Movember program.

Not only is Movember a lot of fun but it was also great to see everyone supporting such a great cause.  As you can see in the picture of my good friends Scott and Rale, the staches are coming in pretty good and we are only half way through the month.  I have included some links to some Canadian Agricultural companies that are working had to grow mustaches but also raise money for prostate cancer research.  The links are to their Movember team pages so that you can donate directly to a certain individual or team.  There is also some pretty good pictures on each page of the participants.

Cargill, Syngenta Canada, Hytech Production, PickSeed, Monsanto Canada, Quarry Integrated Communications , 20/20 Seed Labs, Dow Agro Sciences

Its great to see the Canadian companies and their employees stepping up and getting behind such a great cause.  Please check out the links and make sure you give them some financial support in the name of prostate cancer.  If you know of other people in agriculture sacrificing their face for prostate cancer please leave the link in the comment section.  Great job guys and thank you for working to raise money for prostate cancer.


Shaun Haney

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Owd Fred

I have just been through all the tests over the last 3 months only to confirm I have Prostrate Cancer, now started on the hormone therapy and in 6 weeks time start the Radio Therapy which goes on 5 days a week for 7 weeks.
People just don’t talk enough about it, so I did a blog on my web site, to get the word round, and go for a test with your Doctor.

In good health otherwise, Owd Fred

Shaun Haney

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple years ago and is doing fine now. Prostate cancer is a real concern for men around the world and its great to see people stepping up to raise money.

Claire Cowan

Word on the Twitter street is that Minister Ritz has offered to shave his moustache if people raise $10,000 for prostate cancer research. Is this true, Shaun? I think some investigative reporting is required.


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