Gerry Ritz: Who’s Steamrolling Who?

Yesterday I attended a Calgary Chamber of Commerce luncheon. This was not just any ordinary lunch because it was attended by the Calgary ag-business community and they were all there to listen to the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz.  Mr. Ritz spoke to the group about why he feels so strongly regarding the coming changes to wheat marketing in Western Canada.

He was very clear in his conviction that Western Canadian farmers need to enjoy the same opportunities as their Ontario and Quebec peers in having the freedom to market their own wheat.

Mr. Ritz also mentioned that, “the sky is not falling, the sky is the limit for Western Canadian farmers.”

LISTEN TO WHAT WAYNE EASTER THINKS OF THIS ISSUE was able to get 3 minutes with Mr. Ritz in the hallway after his speech.  I asked him three questions:

  • Why does he feel so strongly about the single desk issue?
  • What is his opinon of the CWB steam roller campaign?
  • With the recent announcement at Rahr Malting and AGT, does he expect infrastructure spending to increase with this change?

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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But Gerry’s not standing in a field crying beside a piece of heavy construction equipment. How can he be taken seriously at all!!!

That is sarcasm, by the way.

Chad Peters

Nice to hear Ritz give the answers very quickly. Almost chipmunk like. Did you speed up the video a touch?


2 things: We may want to ask the Australians how things are going at the moment. Secondly,
the only way this will truly work is if the government would support new value added business and if everyone does become successful, don’t sell them off south of the border.


Is this the same guy who thought barley prices are too high? More storage for Rahr should help, right?


John, please explain how the CWB and AWB are so similar that it is a good example for this, and how the Aussies are suffering now.

Gord Keller

I really wish u guys would grab a fricking brain and quit spending MY money (pool account) and let the feds do what is right.Mr Ritz is right the sky is not falling u morons


also john,

i get very tired of the constant comparisons to australia…. completely different way of working….marketing and agronomy!


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