The CWBs latest attempt to rally support and gain a hearing is an ad campaign designed under the name “stop the steamroller“. The print, radio and video campaign focuses on a steamroller with the caption ” This is how the Harper government harvests Canadian wheat”.

The ads, paid for by CWB pool funds, were run in a response to the Harper governments “fast tracking” of legislation to dismantle the CWB. The Wheat Board says that that “fast tracking” is illegal and ignores a clause in the original act that calls for the government to consult farmers prior to any amendments to the act. Farmers opposed to the ads say that the use of pool funds to pay for the adds violates their rights and that the campaign is a waste of their money trying to fight the inevitable.
We decided to ask farmers what they thought of the CWB steamroller campaign and find out if it’s had any effect on farmers. We talked to farmers at the AGRI-TRADE Exhibition in Red Deer, Alberta.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

10 thoughts on “Talking to Farmers: What Do You Think of the CWB Steamroller Campaign?

  1. I can’t stand the commercial. What an absolute waste of money.

    I hope that Oberg and his cronies have to personally repay every cent that they are “borrowing” from the pool account. I guess we can’t call it stealing any more.

  2. You missed me, Shaun! Anyway,

    I farm at Hilda Alberta, about 50 miles Northeast of Medicine Hat. I think the CWB steamroller campaign is a waste of my money. If it was only the CWBA or NFU and their member’s money, I would not have a problem with it. But it is money coming directly from my pocket. Paying for something that I am directly opposed to.

  3. What a crock! I can’t imagine a better waste of my money. Easy to figure out why the basis is so wide on the non-pooling pricing programs. What frosts me the most is that the site is now censoring it’s posters so the real facts and certain posters to the facebook site.

    Facts cannot be given to the masses in Ontario where the CWB is paying to advertise and where all the texts are going to the government. Oh yeah, I said advertising in Ontario where the is no CWB! I was very happy to see that Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber and a few other celebs have “liked” the site. Maybe Daryl Hannah can come over fresh from the Keystone potest too.

    Anyone with any stones needs to get on the facebook steamroller site and tell them what you think of this “ILLEGAL” use of your money.

  4. Shaun

    Once again the CWB is out there spending our money on ads, and (ships) that I don’t agree with.
    As Andy says, if it was CWBA or NFU money, I wouldn’t care, But it’s not,it is ours.

  5. the first thing i thought of the ad was what a waste of money…. and they didnt even get all their statements right!!!

    turning into quite a joke

  6. Shaun, couldnt help but notice many of the people that liked the campaign seem top be people involved in shortlines. I understand their concerns, and hopefully when the government gives us market freedom, they will work hard at making sure these folks still have good access for their shortlines.

  7. thanks Shaun some great comments here, it does amaze one how the PR department under Oberg’s control has done wonders spinning misinformation to all Canadians. Latest is a big push to say 27,000 Canadians have registered there opposition with Bill C 18 in the texting campaign. 27,000 from where? are they farmers? no that doesn’t matter now, they have gone away from asking farmers what matters most and are soliciting Canadians from outside the designated area to do their work.
    That is a total disgrace to the CWB governance structure that all directors agree to up hold.
    It’s not over yet, in my best guesstimate there will be more pool account money spent fighting something I feel most farmers feel is done and over and are looking towards a better future.

  8. If the steamroller needs any fuel or an operator give me a call I would love to drive it. Although I must say a crane with a wrecking ball would do a much better job of cleaning up downtown Winnipeg of thieves and crooks.

  9. farm 8000 acres, will not seed wheat or malt barley till c w b is gone and seeded only enough for rotation the last few years, we need choice now. let the farmers that want the CWB own and use it,we that don’t want or need it and should not be handcuffed by farmers that want it. we that don’t want it are giving the farmers that want it the same choice to market wheat under the single desk. thank you

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