Bob Rae Begs the Governor General to Stop Gerry Ritz and Bill C-18

Just when you think that the CWB issue cannot get stranger….it always does.  Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has written a letter to the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston begging him to get in front of the government steam roller and stop royal assent on Bill C-18 this week.

I’m thinking at this point he should of saved the ink and just written a letter to Santa Claus.  As if the Governor General of Canada will touch this request or even read the letter.  Could you imagine the hysteria if Queen Elizabeth II of England’s representative stepped in to take action on how farmers in Western Canada market their wheat.  What’s next letters to Batman or maybe Spiderman?

There are things about this government that get people upset and in some cases rightly so but no wonder they have a majority.  The pro-single desk side and political opposition continue to take awful tact and now they are clearly fighting a battle that is truly impossible to win.

See the Letter

Who would of thought that getting rid of the single desk would cause such a disruption to the political commentary in this country.

In the letter Rae writes,”As the leader of the Liberal Party, I would ask most respectfully that full consideration be given to awaiting final disposition of this matter by the courts before the legislation receives royal assent.”

Last week when I talked to Professor Carissima Mathen from the University of Ottawa and her thoughts were that the judge made an incredibly strange decision based on what was presented which has confused the lines of politics and the law.  Having said that maybe the Queen of England putting her foot down would just be another chapte in this crazy CWB Boondoggle ride.



Shaun Haney

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Rod Bradshaw

This reminds me of an expression used by Jean Chretien when he used to reply to Preston Manning of the Reform Party. The leader of the third (pronounced turd) party.

Kevin Bender

Is this not a little bit hypocritical? A member of Parliament from outside the designated area insisting constituents other than his own be forced to sell their property to the CWB. No different than Wayne Easter from PEI or Alex Atamenenko from southern BC vehemently defending the single desk when those who voted for them are exempt.

Jeff Nielsen

nothing should surprise us, when you’ve had your way for decades and even knowing that for the past 5+ years that this government was committed to change, and even knowing what 13 years of producer surveys have shown, this group of small minded individuals just won’t stop.
15 years from now will still hear the call for the CWB single desk just like we will continue to hear bring back the Crow from the same group.
That truly is sad, and honestly something that the majority will put behind us as we know we can move forward and prosper.
Am curious why no NDP at the press conference? well least not mentioned? after all they are the official opposition and not the handful of MP’s the Liberals have.

Sid Lockhart

Hopefully after cleaning up the CWB mess there is equal resolve to clean up our judicial system. Obviously we have a judge who is more interested in the ratings of his favorite political party than anything else. I hope there is a plea for help from spiderman… his fictitious spidy sense is more than were getting from our opposition leaders and our judicial system! What a gong show.


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