Ep 2 Saiks AgriTreks: Growing Grapes for Wine Production in the Napa Valley

When we consider agriculture, we tend to think of the rougher, more industrial type. We think of large scale harvest machinery involved in the corn, cereal, pulse and oilseed production.  We also think of dairies, poultry barns and the beautiful ranches adjacent to the rocky mountains.  In many areas of the world agriculture takes a different shape and size.  Just imagine owning a vineyard in the mountains of British Columbia or in Napa Vally, California.

In this episode of Agri-Treks, Agri-Trend Group of Companies CEO Rob Saik shows us the delicate side of agriculture some of us tend to forget about. Rob takes us to visit the Napa Valley in California to get an in depth look at what goes into wine production. It’s a very hands on, very intricate business and its a bit of a sunny break for those of us bracing for a cold winter.

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Shaun Haney

Shaun Haney is the founder of RealAgriculture.com. He creates content regularly and hosts RealAg Radio on Rural Radio 147 every weekday at 4:30 PM est. @shaunhaney


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