The topic of supply management has been raised in the news recently. A number of different media outlets have been examining the issues surrounding it and whether or not we would be better off with or without it. So far, all answers to those questions tend to depend what area you work in and whether you are producing or buying. There is no doubt it is a contentious issue, and a complicated one. Depending on who you listen to, there are very strong differing opinions on what should happen in Canada.


Gary Pike is the CEO of the Broadacre Agriculture Inc (formally Pike Management Group). I discussed some of the issues surrounding supply management with him and asked his opinion as to whether the Canadian landscape would look better or worse without supply management.   We spoke to Gary at the Farming Smarter Conference 2011 in Lethbridge.

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One thought on “Gary Pike: Should Supply Management Stay or Go in Canada?

  1. How true on western Canada missing out on exports for chicken but also powdered milk I believe and others. I personally looked into feeding chickens for meat and due to little quota in Sask. only one processing plant with distance and quota price made it uneconomical. More producers in our area would help for another processing plant, creating more jobs in our area. Supply management I believe is also about keeping food dollars purchasing power in Ont. and Quebec.

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