Ontario 2011 Hybrid Corn Performance Trial Results Have Been Released

With the release of the Ontario 2011 hybrid corn performance trials, growers get a chance to review how last years varieties performed and what might be a good idea to plant in 2012.  As always there are many options and getting as much information as possible can help narrow down some of these tough decisions.  The fact that yields continue to ride is very exciting and is great for the profitability of corn growers in Ontario.

GoCorn.net provides the results and some information on how the results should be interpreted.   Depending on your county the performance trials allow you the grower to see how the different varieties performed.  As always this is a guide and not a guarantee year to year but the context is a great resource.


If you cannot see the below embedded video CLICK HERE

Along with information from your retailer and fellow farmers, independent trials help farmers make the right decision for their farm in terms of seed purchases.




Shaun Haney

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