Royal Assent is Given to Bill C18 Which Ends the CWB Single Desk

After an extremely hard fought battle on how Western Canadian farmers should be able to market their  own wheat the single desk is finished.  Royal assent has been given to Bill C18 by the Governor General.  Some people are speculating that this issue will end up in the Supreme Court but for now many Western Canadian farmers are celebrating.

According to Henry Vos (former CWB director),

“As of tomorrow the mandate of the Canadian Wheat Board completely changes with a new Chairman, new governance model, new communications plan, staff decisions and more.”

To think that Bob Rae, Alan Oberg, Wayne Easter, and Alex Atamanenko could prevent Western Canadian farmers fro marketing their own wheat will truly be looked upon in the history books as amusing and comical.

When asked what Vos thought of the impact on Western Canadian farmers Vos said,

“Its a happy day for farmers.  We are finally done with the crazy eight.”

One thought on “Royal Assent is Given to Bill C18 Which Ends the CWB Single Desk

  1. Dear Shaun,

    I truly hope we are allowed to get along with the business at hand… marketing our grain that our families and farms grew.

    It will indeed be sad if ExMinister Goodale can rule from his political ‘grave’ and continue to make life and business difficult for our families and communities through the Courts.

    Does MP Ralph Goodale and ExDirectors Oberg/Stewy really believe they are building a better stronger Canada for the benefit of those they were commissioned to serve?

    Or are these actions now proving to be vindictive assults by pathetic sour defeated folks… with nothing better to do than make grain growers’ lives difficult in western Canada… simply because they can!

    To think… these of all people… were running my farms marketing organisation… just absolutely proves they were in these positions for power and pride… NOT the good of my farm or community!

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