Wet weather has really put winter wheat in a hard place for farmers in parts of Ontario. For starters, it pushed the seeding date back and secondly a large portion of it is sitting in some very wet conditions, conditions that can be very problematic for growth and development. So what does that mean for the state of the crop in general, and just how big of a crop is it anyways?

In this episode of the Wheat School, Peter Johnson of OMAFRA gives us an estimate of what went into the ground in Ontario as well as an update on the state of this years winter wheat.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

One thought on “Wheat School- What Does the Winter Wheat Crop Look Like in Ontario?

  1. So what kinda of impact doe,s the weather have on the farm or wheat
    in the fall is to much rain damageing and how does this play, To
    haveing a better crop to when you get things up a and growing and
    is rain alittle to much and what kind of weather to you need to grow these
    crops properly.

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