Apache Sprayer Showcases Comfort & Efficiency

Machinery is the major draw at most farm shows. Everyone loves to see the newest and the best from every company on the trade show floor. This year at Cropweek 2012’s Crop Production Week portion of the show, we saw just that. At this years show we saw everything from the worlds largest grain cart to a grain vac that looked small enough to pull behind a lawn mower. There were combines, front & loaders and seed drills, but the everywhere i went, the major push this year seemed to focus on sprayers.

With that in mind, the first in a series of sprayer videos looks at the Apache AS1020. The improvements in the newest iteration of the sprayer tend to focus primarily on two areas. The first area is the cab. Some of the newest features take into consideration the fact that farmers will be spending long hours in the cab where noise and comfort will always be a factor. The other area looked at is that of efficiency, either for the sake of time or for the sake of fuel. Both time and fuel are at a premium to farmers, and any advancement that saves either is well worth it.

I got the complete rundown on the AS1020 at the Cropweek 2012 Crop Production Show from Apache Equipment Technologies Kirk Nowakowski.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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