Corn School – Is Soil Tilth the Key to Unlocking 300 Bushel Corn?

New technologies have pushed corn yields into areas previously thought unreachable. The newest milestone being looked at is the 300 bushel mark. Many in the agriculture industry still think it’s a possibility. The issue is finding the missing part of the puzzle to unlock that potential. There have been great advancements in the areas of fertility, genetics and chemical formulation and application. Those areas have brought us to where we are today, but according to Indiana Agronomist Darel Walker, the final frontier to be explored is soil tilth.

Walker feels strongly that the physical condition of the soil we plant into and grow out of is the key element to be unexplored in unlocking the full potential of the corn plant. contributor Bernard Tobin spoke to Darel Walker about why he feels this way when he interviewed him at the 2012 Southwest Ag Conference in Ridgetown Ontario.


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