Cropweek 2012 – Agremote Systems Offers Help for the One-Man Farm

During the busiest times of year, farmers are spread pretty thin. There are times when good help, or any help at all is hard to find. There are also times when you need another person as a helping hand for that “one little job” that is a major pain to do by yourself. Lining up a swing auger under your b-trains is one of those jobs. Constantly getting in and out of the truck to line up that auger with the hopper is frustrating at best. Let’s face it, no one’s going to get out of bed at 2 in the morning during harvest to help you either.

That’s were the agremote system comes in handy. The remotely operated drive system can be mounted to any swing-type auger and can be remotely operated from the drivers seat, saving time and possibly marriages as well. Agremote systems also offers remote gate systems as well as hopper openers as well. I got Gerald Wiebe of Agremote Systems to give me a demonstration of his products at the Crop Production Week portion of Cropweek 2012 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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