Cropweek 2012 – Agrisoma Offers Carinata Growing Contracts for 2012

The last time we spoke to Patrick Crampton, we talked about Agrisoma’s research and development of the carinata plant in the area of biofuels. The plant is very similar to canola, but with an industrial oil profile suited well to diesel and jet fuel usage. The agronomics are very similar to canola in the fact that a lot of the same herbicides in use on canola can be used on carinata. One of the major advantages of carinata is that it can thrive in dry conditions where canola or other crops can’t.

This time we caught up with Patrick at Cropweek 2012 in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan where Agrisoma in conjunction with Paterson Grain is contracting acres of carinata for the 2012 growing season.  Agrisoma and Paterson are offering a limited amount of contracts at a flat $12.50 per bushel which is interesting growers in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


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