Cropweek 2012 – Syngenta Canada Creates Scholarship to Benefit Pulse Industry In Canada

In order for the pulse industry to grow in Canada, a number of areas have to be looked at. One of those areas is market development. The world’s food needs are growing and changing. New markets are opening up as a middle class emerges in areas of the developing world. Those people have specific end-use needs when it comes to food.

The other area involves growing crops that fit those specific end-use needs. That’s where research and development on an institutional scale becomes important. Included in that is having the human resources necessary to do that, and that is why Syngenta Canada announced a research graduate scholarship focused on improving pulse quality and yield on the pulse crops in Canada. The scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan will be awarded to a student whose full-time doctoral studies focus in that area. I spoke to Duane Johnson of Syngenta Canada about the scholarship.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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