Dell Latitude ATG Laptop is Built for the Farm Environment

Some would argue that the tablet has cut into the laptop market. While that may be true, that portion of the market the tablet now has is exactly what those users wanted to start with, only it was never available to them before. The introduction of the tablet just brought that to light. The tablet user in most cases doesn’t need everything the laptop offers while the laptop user has specific needs that can only be filled by the laptop. The laptop offers greater processing power, greater expandability and is closer to the home computer most businesses use. The other big advantage laptops have, especially on the farm, is that they can be customized to environment.

This feature in particular is something that Dell has been working on. The Dell Latitude ATG (All Terrain Grade) laptop comes in two ruggedized versions and is built specifically for rugged environments like the farm where dust, dirt and bumpy rides are constant factors. I got a first-hand look at the Dell Latitude ATG when I visited Dell Corporate Sales Manager Steve Weaver at the 2011 Farm Forum Event.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

2 thoughts on “Dell Latitude ATG Laptop is Built for the Farm Environment

  1. Thanks Shaun for looking into, letting people know of these more farm friendly computers. I am looking for a laptop for outside use. If you have anyother models in mine I could look at please let me know. Dean

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