Farm Business E-Team Ep 1 – Post Mortem: A Review of Last Year’s Business

Farming is a unique business. It involves every aspect of business you can imagine from shovelling to marketing. It’s that diversity that can make successful farming a challenge. Many farmers may be good at one or two aspects of the buiness but not so good at the others. This can have devastating consequences if you’re trying to do everything yourself. It’s with that in mind that the Agricultural Management Institute has put together a series of 8 videos called the Farm Business E-Team Series to help farmers to be well rounded in every aspect of running a farm business.

AMI has partnered with industry experts and farm business owners to bring the series together. The goal of the series is to help farm business owners get the advice they need to run their businesses as successfully as possible. The series will run 8 episodes starting this week.  Find out more at Take a New Approach.

Episode one (embedded below) deals with going backwards before you can go forwards.  You must review last year’s plan before you can lay the groundwork for the next business cycle.  Leading us through the port mortem discussion is Len Davies of the Legacy Planning Group and Joe Arts,a farmer from Strathroy, Ontario.  As you will see in all of the episodes in the E-Team series, we combine the tactical expertise of the consultant and the practical expertise of the farmer that is actually using the knowledge on his farm.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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Shaun Haney

Shaun Haney is the founder of He creates content regularly and hosts RealAg Radio on Rural Radio 147 every weekday at 4PM est.



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Great video on the need to review your results. Too many time farmers look forward and don’t spend enough time reviewing what has happened. A post mortem is the only way to create a better plan for the coming year. This is true in farming, livestock and any business.


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