RealWeatherWatch – Will the Frigid Temperatures Bring More Snow for Prairie Farmers?

Courtesy of The Weather Network

Courtesy of The Weather Network

So far, across most of the West, it’s been what can only be described as an odd winter. Parts of the southwest have experienced hurricane force winds, a great portion has seen extended periods of plus temperatures up to now offset by short periods of temperatures in the extreme of up to minus 40.

With all that instability, there is one unfortunate theme, and that is a lack of moisture. Snow, rain, sleet, have all shown up this winter, but not in any real lasting quantities. It’s a pattern that’s starting to make farmers in the west a little uneasy looking toward spring. So will this last?

I spoke to Weather Channel Meteorologist, Gina Ressler about that and what’s behind this pattern when I reached her at her office in Oakville, Ontario.


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