In this episode of the Corn School we continue our series with agronomist Darel Walker about the key factors in the pursuit of 300 bushel corn. In the first episode of the series we looked at soil tilth as one of those factors; in this episode we look to proper nitrogen application as another piece of that puzzle.

A proper nitrogen application strategy isn’t a blanket approach. Every farm is different. There are a number of things that have to be considered, like what is available to a producer in terms of application methods? What is the rotation and the history of the land and what is the producer willing to do or to work with when it comes to applying nitrogen? After that, you have to consider things like your rate of application, the timing of that application and where you are going to place that nitrogen.


It’s important to remember that high-yielding corn is dependent on a combination of factors, some of them out of our hands, but according to Darel, tying all of these factors together starts with the adoption of a high-yield mindset and the belief that this can be achieved followed up with the right practices.

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