RealWeatherWatch – What’s the Deal with Winter In the West?

Drew Lerner

So here it is February and we’ve officially had one week of winter…..I think. In fact, parts of the prairies this week will see extended periods of double digit temperatures. That’s great from a not liking the cold perspective, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of moisture to go along with that either. That lack of moisture has some producers concerned for spring especially in some areas in the north where there hasn’t been any real moisture for a while.

On the other side of that coin is the group waiting for the other shoe to drop. All this good weather now must mean that we’re in for a lousy spring and summer doesn’t it? Don’t we have to balance the scales at some point?

Meteorologist Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. spoke to us about this unusual pattern, what’s in store for the immediate future and what this could mean for springtime on the prairies.


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