Considering some of the conditions during planting last year, the provincial average yield for soybeans was fairly impressive. If we can get 45 bushels last year, what is the real long term potential of soybean yields? What factors can we look at to bump those yields even higher.  It has been reported that a grower in the US achieved 150 bushels per acre which is amazing.  Are those yields possible in Ontario?

In the first episode of the Soybean School, we talk to OMAFRA Soybean Specialist Horst Bohner about yield potential for soybeans in Ontario. We asked Horst about some of the key factors that influence yields and if he thinks we will see 100 bushels or even 150 bushels in Ontario in the future?

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3 thoughts on “Soybean School – What is the Yield Potential of Soybeans in Ontario – Horst Bohner

  1. I was surprised that Horst didn’t mention inoculants and seed treatments as a bigger component of achieving the higher yields. In other crops they are a major component of the yield recipe. I’m sure its the same for soybeans.

  2. Horst is right though that the latitude of Ontario really limits the opportunity to get to 100 or 150. It is great to see the yield advancements though. Very cool. Great first episode.

  3. I think with better breeding we will get closer to that 100 bushel number but it will take some time. Probably not in my farming lifetime but maybe my kids.

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