Corn School – Corn Planting- Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

There is always some risk involved when it comes to early planting of corn. The risk-reward scenario has to be weighed using a number of factors, some of which, like the weather, are out of the farmer’s hands. This year you can add another factor to that scenario: tight corn seed stocks. If something does happen and you find yourself in a re-plant situation, you may not have the seed available to you to do that. This puts an extra level of caution around any early planting strategy.


With corn planting starting in about three weeks, current mild temperatures and the memories of last spring’s cold wet weather fresh in our minds, there will be a planting urge that is hard to resist.

In this episode of the Corn School, Steve Denys of PRIDE Seeds offers viewers some advice on early planting of corn both to minimize risk and get your crop off to the best start possible.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

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