Hon. Evan Berger: The Land Stewardship Act Benefits Farmers and Rancher in Alberta

The Alberta Government has always held to the position that the Land Stewardship Act was created to protect Alberta’s environment and allow for sustainable development to occur in the province. While everyone may agree that that is a noble goal, not everyone agrees with how the government is going about it. The Alberta Government maintains that the Land Stewardship protects the interests of the agriculture community.

For an answer to that criticism, we contacted Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Honourable Evan Berger who very much appreciated the opportunity to clear the air on this issue. I asked Minister Berger about the criticisms and fears surrounding the Land Stewardship Act. I wanted to make sure that the Mr. Berger and the Alberta Government got the opportunity to tell their side of the story on Bill 36 and the Land Stewardship Act.

I asked Alberta Ag Minister Berger the following:

  • Why is the Alberta Government moving ahead with the Land Stewardship Act?
  • How does the Land Stewardship Act benefit agriculture?
  • What do you say to those that claim this Act provides the government with unheard of powers to shut down hog and cattle operations?


After you listen to the interview with the the Hon. Evan Berger, you be the judge.  Is the Minister correct?  Is the Land Stewardship Act good for Alberta farmers and ranchers?  Let us know in the comment section below.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

2 thoughts on “Hon. Evan Berger: The Land Stewardship Act Benefits Farmers and Rancher in Alberta

  1. I believe there is still the provision in the act for the Minister to override everything and do as they please. Is this necessary!!

  2. Well said Mr. Berger.

    It is important to have good legislation. But poor governments will misuse legislation, or amend it to suit their own purposes, while good governments will use legislation properly and amend it to ensure a good future. Landuse is always about compromises between different uses, and municipalities have been zoning land and providing development permits under their bylaws for decades. And sometimes their zoning and permit conditions change.

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